Relationship Management

Keeping in constant contact with your customers, so you come top of mind.


SMS Marketing

Marketing is nothing without the use of reaching all of your existing customers and or prospects.  Once a person becomes a lead or prospect now you have the opportunity to reach out to them until they become a customer.  And once they become a customer, the trick is to stay top of mind as frequently as possible, without being too pushy and sales like.


SMS marketing is one of the most effective ways of doing so.  Texts have a 98% open rate!  So as you can see, they are most effective for reaching the customer and staying right in front of them.


Through SMS marketing we can keep your customers informed, engaged and keep you, as a business, top of mind at all times! 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is NOT dead!  It is still very much alive and used in many marketing campaigns, if not all.  Emails on an average only have about a 16-25% open rate, but the average person checks their email up to 15 times a day.


Email marketing is a strategic way of keeping in contact with your customer, without being pushy or annoying.  Email campaigns are also useful for big releases, such as a new product launch.  These can be used in a span of days to weeks to let your users know about your new product, and by determining which email is opened, send another sequence of emails based on behavior.


Each time you have a promotion or a "tip" in terms of your business, you use email marketing to not only stay in front of your customer but direct them to your desired destination.  Whether that be a website, landing page or blog.


Chat Bot Marketing

Chat bots are the new biggest craze in the social media industry.  But what is a chat bot??


Chat bots are basically automated robots that take your customer through a series of questions in a chat such as, FB messenger.  Depending on your objective your chat bot can take a prospect through an entire funnel asking questions all the way to a product purchase directly in the bot.  


Not only can they automate your customer experience, they can be used as a type of broadcast, like sms or email.  The incredible fact about chat bots is that they have an open rate of 97%!  That means between email, SMS and chat bots, your customers will see what you have to offer!

There are more than 4.1 billion internet users.. where should you be?