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We are a marketing and consulting agency focused around getting more customers for your business!  We achieve this success through creative advertising and online marketing strategies. 

Motiv Mktg has worked with multiple industries ranging from restaurants, nightclubs, meal prep, sales agencies and even the medical field.  

Our Motiv is to continuously bring you customers, clients and referrals.  We love what we do and our team is here to handle all your marketing needs so you can focus on your business! 



Marketing & Consulting Services

Social Media Advertising

Advertising on social media, to drive more customers to your business. 

Tracking / Analytics

The data and analytics determine what changes and tweeks need to be made. The data will show a customers thought process, actions and is vital to SM Marketing.

Ads That Sell

The first step to marketing is creating ads that persuade prospective customers to take action and move into your funnel of business.

Utilizing Social Platforms

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are growing each day with followers and your business needs to market on such platforms.


Social Media Management

Managing all your social channels and keeping them up to date with fresh exclusive content.

Page Optimization

Aside from posting, your followers will become your loyal customers. More importantly finding the right followers and creating organic reach and growth will convert more clients.

Page Posting

Frequent page posting is important to keep your followers and customers engaged daily.  Posting should be a top priority on your social pages.

Follower Growth

Aside from posting, your followers will become your loyal customers. More importantly finding the right followers and creating organic reach and growth will convert more clients.




Optimize your leads into customers and sales for your business.


A sale is obviously the immediate conversion to a purchase.  All sales processes are different and unique to each business. It is important we teach and master the process. 

Lead Capture

Capturing a lead for you business is the first step in acquiring a new customer. Through a system of ads and funnels a prospect converts to a lead.


Converting your lead to a buying customer takes careful marketing and precise contact.  The conversion process will define how many leads you will convert.


Web Services

Development of Websites, landing pages and search. 


Search Engine Optimization will keep a steady flow of customers searching for a business or product like yours, for months and years to come. 

Website Development 

Your website is like your store front.. or more important in the modern day. Your site must be attractive, user friendly, and built for conversions. 

Landing Pages

Landing pages are a vital piece in converting new customers. A landing page takes a prospect to a lead or buying customer. 




Keeping in constant contact with your customers, so you come top of mind.

Chat Bots

Chat bots are the newest way to broadcast market. Only about 5% of businesses are using chat bots. Which leaves a huge margin for success with its 95% open rate.

E-Mail Marketing

Although email open rates are much lower, on average, 39% of people check their email 1-3 times daily.  Email is a great way to casually keep in constant contact with your customer. 

SMS Marketing

Text marketing is a vital part to staying in contact with your customer.  A new study shows sms has a 98% open rate. 




Curated and stunning content to make your brand pop.


Flyers, logos, website content all needs the use of graphics.  Our graphic design team keeps your graphics up to date with the modern marketing world. 


Photography is used in every aspect of your business.  From your social pages to websites, professional photos can make a new business look like a top contender. 


Professional Videos showcase your business in a way photos cannot. They help the customer go further in depth with you business and is products and purpose. 


Motiv Mktg helped our company scale our customers 15% in just a few months.  They take care of everything from start to finish! 

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